Welcome to Champion Financial Corporation

We provide working capital to small and mid-size companies

through recourse factoring and accounts receivables financing.

Working capital is critical to growth and the day-to-day management of any business. At Champion, we work with a wide variety of businesses to meet their individual working capital needs.  Our financial services provide clients with the necessary capital when they need it.

Recourse factoring-A/R financing allows you to meet cash flow demands such as: 

  • expansion
  • new equipment purchases
  • inventory
  • payroll
  • discounting payables 
  • funds to buy out other shareholders/partners

With Champion’s Recourse factoring-A/R financing arrangement, your accounts receivable become a source of ready cash for your company. Sales increase. Profitability increases. Vendors are satisfied. 

Here's how it worksWhen you invoice your customers, we are able to make a cash advance on those accounts receivable at an established percentage rate. The advance amounts are also based on the quality and turnover of your A/R assets.

Champion strives to meet your daily working capital needs! We accomplish that by providing you with an account representative and personal service. 

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